Hello! My name is Nikki. I am a 28-year old singer, actress, theater performer and host. I’m also a wife, daughter, sister, dog-lover, bookworm, Martha Stewart follower and reluctant celebrity. :)


I started singing professionally and coming out on television at the age of 16, all while trying to survive as a student at the Ateneo de Manila University where I graduated with a degree in English Literature. 


My love affair with the written word started at a very young age. Since I can remember, I’ve always had a serious case of journaling that all started with a purple Princess Jasmine diary with its plastic heart-shaped lock and key. I still carry that light (and perfectly harmless) obsession of organizing things, words, thoughts and experiences into something tangible. 


I look forward to sharing with you many lessons I’ve learned (and have yet to learn) about life and love, God, family and friendships. I will also try to create a perfectly satisfying mix of cooking and eating, traveling and staying in, dressing up and dressing down, make up and skin care, books that make me laugh and cry, my love for nice spaces and all the other things I spend the wee hours of the night Googling and Pinteresting. No politics, no pretensions, no pressure.


I’m excited to share the next chapters of my life with you as it unfolds. So sit back, relax, take a Gil Pill and press next. :)