My Surprise 28th Birthday Party

My last birthday as a single lady!

It's been a while since I last THREW a party. And I think the last one might have been when I turned seven. THAT long ago. It was a big production though. We had all the games! The pabitin, the palayok, the pop-the-balloon-with-your-pwet game, Bring Me, and my favourite, Longest Breath ("Happy birthday Ni-*inhale*-kiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...").

We had the creepy clown, Hello Kitty loot bags,

barbecue, spaghetti with hotdog, and mocha cake with candy flowers.

I can even remember what I wore! White shirt, black shorts, a black bowler hat, a bracelet with my name on it (90's kids, remember when this was a thing? Haha!), and black combat boots.

And that might have been the last party I ever threw. Haha! It's probably because I am an "outgoing introvert". I prefer having simple dinners at my favourite restaurant or even at home. Mostly with the family and a few (and by "few", I mean two to three) close friends.

To BJ, however, birthdays are a big deal. But because I was in Japan with my girl friends for a bachelorette trip on the day of my birthday, he surprised me with a small party on the day I got back. :) And again, he enlisted the help of his fairy god mothers--our good friends Dani and Patty (who also helped with the proposal. And the pre-wedding photo shoot. Haha! Love you girls!).

It was the perfect intimate celebration. And as I thank God for another year, I thank Him for surrounding me with such loving friends and family, and the most thoughtful life partner.

So... 28. Can't wait to see what you have in store for me! :)

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