Tokyo, Japan

This is my first travel post!

Last August, I gathered some of my favourite ladies

to the land of the rising sun for 5 days of JaFUN.

Why Japan? Well... I love Japanese food. LOVE. It was a no-brainer. Haha!

When this trip happened I hadn’t planned on posting them with detailed descriptions yet. We sort of just hopped on a plane and went wherever the wind took us. So forgive me if I miss out on names of restaurants and landmarks. The next time I travel, I will have you, my beloved readers, in mind.

Another disclaimer: My friends and I are not the most glamorous travellers. Haha!

We didn’t plan our outfits per day like the cool girls did. Plus, it was scorching hot. So we happily gallivanted around in our sandos and sneakers looking all greasy and not at all Instagram-worthy.

No amount of filtering could hide the general theme of our trip

which was #haggard and #oily. Hahaha!

Okay, now that THAT’S out of the way… Let’s go to Japan!

August is my birth month so instead of throwing a party for my birthday (which I never do anyway) and a bachelorette party (with just a few months before the wedding), we decided to hit two birds with one stone and do them all in the heat of the Tokyo summer.

All seven of us thought it best to book an AirBnB stay in Minato, just a few shimmies away from the Mita Station. Two of my friends volunteered to make an itinerary for us, which we were all grateful for. The itinerary, as agreed upon by everyone, consisted mostly of eating and shopping. It was established starting day 1 that this was the point of the trip. Haha! Guess I’m going to have to save all the cultural stuff for the next one.

Where/What We Ate:

Sansada in Asakusa - Best tempura!

Ichiran - Self service ramen place. I literally did not see any service crew the entire meal!

Pablo - we all wanted to hug each other after we found out Pablo was coming to Manila. The fluffiest, jiggliest, cheesiest, cheesecake in life.

Sabres - It took all the control I had not to hoard this cheesy buttery miracle. As you will soon discover, cheese is a very important part of my life. All forms, all textures, all smells, mould and all.

Henri Charpentier Cheesecake - there was an actual argument over the jahe piece!

Where We Shopped:

We shopped at the most happening place in all of TOKYO!

Umm… no, not in Omotesando Hills.


These are craft/anik-anik stores on steroids. Think Tickles store meets the stationery section of Fully Booked meets National Bookstore in Rockwell, meets Typo, meets Sephora or Beauty Bar, meets Daiso, but as big as S&R. Ubos oras, ubos pera. Those of you who know me well know that I am obsessed with stationery. We spent hours hoarding pens, notebooks, and other things that we didn’t need or will ever use.

On Day 2 of our trip, my girls surprised me with a mini-bachelorette party when we got back to the apartment. The photos of which are not for public consumption. Let’s just say someone’s head was badly photoshopped onto a stripper’s body for the sake of entertainment. Hahaha my poor Benjamin!

On our third day, we visited the Meiji Jingu shrine and were lucky enough to have witnessed a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony take place. We also dropped by the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa where we were greeted by a group of young toned and tanned locals in short shorts who were offering to pull us in rickshaws for 9000 yen. We were investigating if this was in fact a ploy by the tourism board to get the tourists (especially the titas) to avail of the ride. In which case, it made for brilliant marketing. Haha!

Everything about Tokyo was beautiful and clean. But what I will always love about Japan is her people. They are polite, proper, honest, considerate, organized, accommodating, efficient, prompt. And this is displayed all over Japan. In the metro, in the restaurants, in the restroom, in the shops, when you’re lost, when you’re late, etc.

Here are some things that were on our list but didn’t get to do. You might want to do them on your next trip and let me know how it goes!

1. Tea ceremony in full geisha costumes

2. Watch a Sumo wrestling match

3. Visit Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland

4. Line up and 5am and eat super fresh sushi at the Tsukiji fish market

5. Take the train to see Mt. Fuji

Have you ever gone on a trip with your girlfriends? Share stories and recommendations below! :)


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