An Artsy Bridal Shower

Growing up, my mom was intentional about

keeping us from being idle during the summer and

enrolled us in random classes to keep us busy.

Ballet, piano, voice, guitar, finger math, typewriting lessons, more math, and shorthand. Most of these classes actually became useful at certain points in my life. But I remember not being very good at one of them: ART. Painting, drawing, colouring. I liked the idea of it, but was never really good with the execution part, which is, well, pretty much the point, right?

I don’t think I remember anything from those classes except the small art gallery in BF Homes, my teacher who smelled like cigarettes, the bakeshop right next to it and my fervent prayer for every class to end already so I can buy my pandecoco and royal tru-orange while waiting for my sundo. I may have ripped one of my drawings in frustration too but that’s another story. Haha!

I took these art lessons for one summer

and never touched a paint brush since.

Until one sunny morning in November, 18 years later, and a few weeks before my wedding, when my favorite French skincare brand Nuxe decides to throw me the prettiest bridal shower! I gathered ten of my favorite girls and we convened at a quaint cafe in Salcedo Village for a (literally) creative pre-wedding party.

It was a bridal shower slash watercolor workshop! And this time, I was determined to let go of my past hurts with the art world and get this dang thing right!

Nuxe invited Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast to conduct a beginner’s watercoloring workshop for me and my girls.

It was the cutest thing watching all of my other

non-artsy friends wrestle with the paintbrush

all for the sake of friendship. Ha ha!

It was a little intimidating in the beginning, but Alessa made sure to answer all of our questions and before long, we were just a room full of chatty girls painting while munching on delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

Nuxe also prepared exciting giveaways for everyone! I guess they already knew which products were my favourites and prepared them in travel sized bottles which came in an adorable pouch.

What a beautiful day of learning and well-wishes.

What would YOUR ideal bridal shower look like? Share your ideas below!

Thank you, Nuxe for the beautiful send-off! :)

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