Picking the Dress

“Pick and buy your dress na! So that even if some things don’t turn out the way you planned

during the wedding, at least sigurado ka na ikaw maganda!” -Patty Laurel-Filart

This was probably the most useful advice I got while planning the wedding! Hahaha!

Okay, let me just begin by saying that I strongly believe that the marriage is more important than the wedding. I think preparing yourself for this new life ahead of you is more important than preparing for a party, don't you agree?

That said, every bride still wants the "perfect" wedding. Even if our definitions of "perfect" may vary, one thing is for sure: every bride would like to look back at this special day with much fondness and joy. Unfortunately, there are many things that are beyond our control. So instead of getting all worked up over these unpredictable factors, just work on getting as much of the things you can control right.

Like, finding the perfect wedding gown/dress you feel most comfortable and beautiful in!

Brides typically have three options for gowns: wearing a vintage gown from lola, mama or ate (given that the gown is still in good condition and can be altered to your size), having a designer sketch a design from scratch, or buying a ready-to-wear dress from a bridal boutique.

All of these are good options! But I chose the latter because:

1. My mom’s gown was a little too 80’s for my taste. (Hello, puff sleeves!)

2. I didn’t want to have to reject a designer’s design if it wasn’t quite what I had in mind

3. I didn’t want any surprises a few weeks before the wedding (“This looks nothing like the sketch!”, “Ay, hindi pala bagay sa akin ang serpentina!”, “Ohmygod, I can’t breathe and I can’t lose ten pounds in one week anymore!”). I wanted to see what it looked like on my body already.

And I’m so glad I tried on different cuts first because before fitting, I was so sure I wanted a specific cut. But when I tried on a different one, it looked even better than what I originally wanted.

I brought two of my most trusted people in the world (my mom and my sister, Dani) with me to Mi Sueño Bridal. And with the help of Pepper Periquet-Guanio (the lovely lady behind Mi Sueño), we set up a mini-fashion show in her shop in Salcedo Village. I must have tried on every gown she had in the store!

They are the authorised dealer of Spanish brand, Pronovias, and gorgeous Elie Saab gowns. Here are some of the gowns I tried on.

But this last one. My. This last one was clearly THE one. I knew it was the one because I didn't care if any one else liked it! I was sure I liked it. And when Pepper gave me a discount (thank you, Pepper! Hihi!), I took it as a sign!

Here are some of the things I learned that I think are worth sharing:

1. Take your time. Don’t succumb to the pressure of having to decide right away. Even when I was sure I had already found “the one”, I still kept on coming back and trying out other gowns just to be sure.

2. Wear/bring the right underwear when you go for a fitting. Bring with you nude seamless panties, Spanx (if you use these), and a stick on bra.

3. Bring heels with you.

4. Stay within your budget. Don't go breaking bank for a dress you're not completely in love with and will only be wearing for a few hours. OR you can take it out on the food budget ("Sorry guys, the reception will be potluck. I used up all the budget on my gown!"). JK.

5. Find a gown you can breathe in, dance in, and enjoy the food in! Especially if you’re planning on wearing your wedding gown the whole evening (which I did).

6. Consider your venue, dress code, and the season. Are you having a December garden wedding? Or a summer ceremony by the beach? Or a formal black-tie affair in a ballroom? An intimate celebration at home?

7. You can't please everyone! All your friends will have different tastes and preferences. Every one will have an opinion about your gown. And while it looks like a cute Instagram-able activity to do with the whole gang, I suggest you tag along two people you really trust will give you their honest opinion and who genuinely want you to look radiant on your special day, and just listen to them. If you're happy with your pick, and these two trusted individuals agree, everyone will just have to shut it and be okay with it. Haha!

8. Don’t stress. Looking for a gown is supposed to be fun! It was one of my most memorable activities during the planning. I remember the first time we tried on a gown and put on the veil. We were all in tears. :) It was such a beautiful moment.

9. Don't lose sight of the more important thing. The wedding will last for all of 12 or more hours. The marriage, a lifetime. :)

Best wishes and good luck, bride-to-be! And "may the odds be ever in your favour"!

1..2..3.. *POSE* Hahaha!

Photo by Pat Dy

Watch out for more wedding photos in the coming weeks! :)

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