Charlie is Ready to Date

Someone needs to come up with Tinder for dogs!

Name: Don Charlito Gil

Nickname: Charlie, Charlikot, Charlion, Charlieloy

Age: 5 years old

Birthday: June 26, 2011

Ethnicity: Filipino-Golden Retriever

Occupation: Master of the House

Hobbies: Sleeping, cuddling, eating, and playing with kids and not the other dogs.

Favorite Food: Peanut butter, Yakult, paper

Favorite Hang Out: anywhere there's aircon

Seeking: Beautiful goldie girlfriend from a good family, with good moral values and preferably single.

My handsome golden retriever, Charlie, is looking for a date.

We had a family meeting and have decided that Charlie is old enough and responsible enough to handle a serious relationship. We believe that we have instilled the family's core values in him and that he is capable of making decisions and starting his own family. Haha!

My baby love is all grown up!

Charlie is now 5 years old, trained in a farm in Batangas for 3 months, where he majored in Sit, Stay and Wait. He was sent home early after injuring his right leg chasing after a chicken. He went on to further his studies in the dog park where the village sponsored a short training program.

Charlie has a huge fan base on Instagram but

has continued to keep his paws on the ground.

Charlie is a very a happy dog. A little on the lazy side. But generally jolly and friendly. He doesn't fetch, or bring us the newspaper, play dead or any clever trick like that.

But he can somehow detect a broken heart,

a hard day at work, an unpleasant phone call,

and even a stomach flu.

When I'm sad, Charlie is quick to run and lay next to me and my miserable self to keep me company. He is also a very good listener. On several occasions, I've found myself talking to Charlie about my day, about why I'm tired or why I'm crying. And he would gently rest his head on my lap and listen... or fall asleep. Or fall asleep listening. Haha!

If your dog is open to dating our dashing Charlie and you live somewhere in the south (Alabang), please submit a 1x1 ID Picture, CV, High School and College transcripts, Baranggay and NBI Clearance, ITR....

Just kidding!

We are just looking for a loving female goldie

(who won't break his heart) for our sweet Charlito

who needs to move on from humping his hotdog pillow.

We're seriously looking, and if you're seriously interested, please email my sister, Dani at with the subject CHARLIE'S GIRLFRIEND. We would appreciate a photo of you and your baby as well. :)

Looking forward to meeting you, Balae. Hehehe!

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