Music Mondays: You Matter to Me

My good friend Joaquin Valdes (Jamie Wellerstein to my Cathy Hyatt when we did The Last 5 Years :) ) texted me randomly last week to say,

"You should do Waitress"

"What's thaaaaaattttt?"

"Waitress is a new musical on Bway but all the songs are written by Sara Bareilles."

*drops everything, goes on Youtube. Search, listen, cry. Repeat*

Wowwwwwwww... Dear Universe, I'm gonna throw this out there: if this ever comes to Manila, please, please, please pick me to play Jenna. Please oh please!

Meanwhile, since they just opened on Broadway and it might take a while before they hit our shores, here's one of my favourite songs from the musical. I might actually love this as much as I love "The Next Ten Minutes" from The Last 5 Years. Hmmm... Let me know what you think! :)


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