To New Chapters and Truffle Cotton Candy

​"...and they all died of cholesterol. The End.” -Nikki Gil, 1995

This was how I ended one of the stories I wrote on my Hello Kitty notebook when I was around 7. Hahaha!

I was quite proud of it too. I remember writing this soon after reading The Secret Garden which opens during an outbreak of Cholera. Hence, I'm guessing, the use of the word "cholesterol". Hahaha! I didn’t get why all the grown ups thought it was funny. Until my doctor Lolo explained to me the difference between cholera and cholesterol. Haha!

I’ve always enjoyed telling stories.

I liked telling them in different creative art forms; through song or dance, on stage, via dramatic monologue, or even photography. But WRITING them, putting pen to paper, weaving together words and having people read my thoughts would have to be one of the more satisfying (and terrifying) processes for me.

I actually tried blogging a few years ago on a site I (embarrassingly) called “Gil the World”. But after four entries, life happened, and writing eventually took a back seat.

I learned from BJ that to be happy,

you have to take account of all your blessings

and the many good things going on in your life.

While it’s easier to notice all the things that are going wrong, you can’t underestimate the power of appreciating every little thing that makes you smile and say “Haaaay, thank you Lord!”.

And this is why I have decided to get back into writing.

I’ll admit, I was apprehensive in the beginning. I have a love-hate relationship with Social Media. Ha ha!

Social media quickly became this strong gigantic platform for communication but because of the anonymity it afforded, it could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

It can make you or break you if you let it.

But I just had too many kwentos, random insight, milestones, and so many learnings from every season of my life, that I wanted to share.

And for every insult and insensitive comment online, there are a hundred more encouraging voices loud enough to drown out the negativity.

(Like the ”I love you po Ms. Nikki”s on an Instagram post or the ”Where's this po and HM?”s when I post photos of whatever I'm baking even if they’re not for sale. Hehehe!).

With the closing of a chapter, and the starting of another, I am always blessed with a new set of stories to glean from. I’m blessed with the opportunity to be exposed to a plethora of experiences and emotions in the different roles I've played in life in the last 28 years.

I’ve learned from being daughter, sister, girlfriend, young wife, student, celebrity, friend, enemy, tourist, host, employer, employee, extra, lead. I've experienced teaching and being taught, creating and consuming, being a nobody and being a somebody, and being right smack in the middle.

All of these stories come together to form the person I am today,

and contribute to the working drafts of the the story of my life.

I’m writing because I want to take part in the challenge of sharing wisdom while maintaining the humility to learn from you, my new readers. And I pray that our interaction through this platform will be mutually inspiring. The kind that, “Gils the world” and makes it a better place. #lastnayanpromise hahaha!

Okay, enough of that. Let’s partehhh!

Two Mondays ago, May 23rd, I had the prettiest tea party/website launch in the Edades Function Room at ARUGA in Rockwell, Makati. I got help from my fabulous fairy god mothers—Jedi master blogger, Patty Laurel-Filart and master events coordinator, Marge Montemayor of #EventsByMarge. We came up with the our pegs for the tea party which was brought to life by the amazingly talented Kaye Cunanan-Gonzales of K by Cunanan. I fell in love with her styling and her food during my Despedida de Soltera so we were beyond ecstatic to have her creative genius on board! :)

Aruga was kind enough to let me prep in one of their ultra chic suites, and as soon as I opened the door, a beautiful bouquet of roses was waiting for me. It definitely helped calm the nerves while I tried to do my hair and make up and check if everything is good to go on the site! I'm looking forward to booking a stay here again, but this time for relaxation purposes. Haha!

We just wanted an intimate and pretty little gathering but we definitely got more than what we were hoping for. Kaye totally nailed our Scandinavian-modern-minimalist tea party pegs! She transformed the already chic Aruga function room into this beautiful Pinterest-perfect party. When she brought out the cotton candy with cheesecake, truffle oil and sea salt *slow clap*, I had to stop my self from going up to her to koala-hug her. The food was absolutely delicious. And because I'm maldita, I am posting the entire menu (with pictures) below. *Droool* Mwahaha!

After giving my guests a quick preview of the website, my web designer/tech support/emotional ballast, BJ Albert made the site go live for every one to see. And the rest of the afternoon, I just enjoyed catching up with my favorite ladies--family, college friends, my Nixters, church friends and work friends took time off from their busy schedules to celebrate with me my new little project. :)

Our beautiful moms.

Going live!

In hindsight, this was more than just a blog launch to me. It was God showing me how blessed I am to be surrounded by friends who made time to support this little endeavour of mine. This launch was just part of weeks of preparation and most of the learning (and the fun!) took place during meetings over kaldereta and orange creamsicles, during our late nights laying out the site, in the collaborating with amazingly talented and kind suppliers/friends.

To everyone who gave of their time, efforts and love, my heartfelt thanks. Know that I will be here to do the same for you guys. :)

Here are more photos from the launch. Thank you Chuck and the rest of Cherryblocks for capturing these moments!


My favorite Baby Millenials.

My beloved Myx Family.

My favorite girls!

Team Japan!

With my Lola, who's always "liking" all my posts. Hihi!

My (very young) Ninang and my Maid of Honor.

"Lord, I would like Nicole's face please. Thank you."

Tarragon iced tea + Brioche, salmon cake and roasted pepper remoulade.

Our pretty little tea station had ginger and lemongrass, caramel rooibos and lavender and rose. Love!

Bacon wrapped dates.

Aged gruyere, melon and prosciutto.

Russian tea cookies to go with the tea!

Seared tuna, crispy tortilla, arugula and caramelized onions. .

Burrata, strawberries, aged balsamic and basil.

Brie with cashews and cranberries + Blinis with smoked salmon.

Chorizo and goat cheese pasta.

Dessert spread! Lime and Coconut cream pie + Panna cotta with truffle honey. We also had strawberry, custard, chocolate ganache with shortbread crust + White chocolate and vanilla bean soup + mango sorbet. YUM.

With half of Baby Baranggay! :) One day I will be cool enough to sit with them. Hihi!

These girls have been a part of my life for the past 11 years. I love my "Nixters"!

Dream Team! (L-R) Marge Montemayor, Kaye Cunanan-Gonzales, Me and BJ, Patty, Chuck.

Watch out for major binge posting of the wedding (accompanied by a few tips and advice :p) this JUNE!

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