Full Wedding Video by Jason Magbanua

I first met Jason at Iya and Drew’s wedding. But of course, I had already been hearing about him prior to that.

Si JMag? Siya yung grabeng galing gumawa ng wedding videos at same day edit…”

Siya yung nagpauso ng same day edit!”

“He’s always booked! I heard there’s a two year waiting list!”

So many bulung-bulungans about the rockstar of the wedding industry!

And when Shaina and I (both "loveless" at that time) finally met Jason, we transformed into these annoying fan girls, booking him in advance for weddings that didn’t exist, with grooms that hadn't proposed yet. Hahaha!

But Jason was one of the first few people I contacted after BJ and I got engaged. I called his office, and a few minutes later I got a text from him—An emphatic YES to doing our wedding.

“Is it even a question, Nikki. The date is all yours.” he said.

We were ecstatic.


But, before I show you the video, a few notes:

  1. I will be completely drenched in sweat (or as my Ilonggo hubby would say, “Balhas!”) at one point. I felt like an ultra hyper 7 year old, high on cotton candy, enjoying her party and being chased by the yaya with a bimpo and polbo. Hahaha!

  2. When I first watched this video last night, I was successfully able to keep it together. Until papa. That's when I lost it. When I looked to my left, my husband was misty eyed as well.

  3. Watch out for how thoughtfully Jason threads the entire day together. As the young'uns would say--- "I can't even..."

Okay, I will stop the rambling and leave you with this video that is very close to my heart.

Jason, thank you for this beautiful gift.

And to you, my dear reader, I hope this leaves you believing

that God indeed makes all things beautiful in His time.


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