Sightseeing in Paris

Don't you wish you could have a professional photographer follow you around as you do a walking tour of one of the most romantic cities in the world? Sounds like a chronic Instagrammer’s dream, right? :p

Fortunately, French tour company, Localers, does exactly this (among other awesome tours of course!). What a BRILLIANT service. When traveling, two important things we all want to do is to learn about the city and to capture those memories.

We started in front of the Louvre after our tour, walked around Palais-Royal, then crossed the Tuileries, and walked all the way to Champ de Mars. We would've gone to the Trocadero for a better shot with the Eiffel Tower but we were too pooped from a whole day of activities. Make sure you do it though!!! :)

After the tour, our guide/photographer hands us the memory card straight from his camera! Perfect for people who have low EQ and won't be able to wait for final edited versions. LIKE ME! Haha! We were guarding it with our lives though as it was the ONLY copy.

And because we enjoyed this tour so much, I have a treat for you all!

Localers was kind enough to give my readers/followers a

10% discount on any of their services!

So should you find yourself in Paris one of these days, and you feel like strutting your stuff (in your OOTD which took hours to put together) while learning more about the city, book a Paris Photo Shoot tour (or, well, any other tour you'd like to try if you're camera shy!) with Localers, and get a discount!

Just type the promo code NIKKI10 when booking on their website :)

Here are some of our photos which were shot by Nyima Marin, who was, ahem, fresh out of the Paris Fashion Week when we did this.

Nikki: Ah, Fashion week...? Ahh... *sucks stomach in* then *blogger pose* Hahaha!

In case you missed my previous Paris post, do check it out (for less professional photos)! :p

Enjoy your tour!


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